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The Felix3D-Display uses the 1976 by Professor Rüdiger Hartwig invented and patented Helix3D-technique.
By using this procedure, laser beams are projected on a fast rotating and transparent helix-shape (=screw, spiral), which leads to the production of light spots and in their whole to a three-dimensional picture. As possible fields of use, Mr Professor Hartwig calls in his patent specification, among other things, the employment in air traffic control for the three-dimensional representation of flying objects with their heights and distances.

Introduction of the "FELIX 3D-Display" Project Team

The "FELIX 3D-Display" project team has evolved from a scientific working group of students and teachers at a High School in Stade (Northern Germany). Since 1980 this group works on different projects mainly focused on science, environmental care and art. Topics range from the development of a "cyberbike" to multivison productions through to the development of the FELIX 3D-Display. All these voluntary activities aimed at combining aspects of science and art. Main objective was to give interested young students the possibility of an up-to-date, practice-oriented education connected with the acquisition of additional qualifications. The team projects are of a multidisciplinary, multimedia and integrated nature lasting several years.

Already since 1982 the "FELIX 3D-Display" team has been working on three-dimensional display techniques (e.g. stereoscopy, holography, multiplanar displays etc.). In close collaboration with some german universities and institutes this work lead to the development of the described prototype for an innovative volumetric 3D display concept.

Recent Presentations

The many years of successful development on the volumetric FELIX 3D-Display found great attention and recognition world-wide. As a consequence the FELIX team repeatedly has been invited to demonstrate the actual state-of-the-art of its volumetric 3D display on different exhibitions, trade fairs, conferences, congresses as well as multimedia and art fairs.

Up to now FELIX and its predecessors have been presented on the following renowned international exhibitions:

  • Internationale Funkausstellung '85, Berlin 1985

  • Hannover Messe Industrie '90, Hannover 1990

  • CeBIT '91, Hannover 1991

  • Media Fair Art & Fair MEDIALE '93, Hamburg 1993

  • LASER 95, Innovative and Applied Laser Technology and Opto-electronics 12th International Trade Fair and International Congress, Munich 1995

  • Photonics West '96, San Jose, CA, USA 1996

  • International Lasers, Optoelectronics and Photonics Exhibition ILOPE '96 / Photonics China '96, China International Exhibition Centre, Peking, VR China 1996

  • LASER 97, Innovative and Applied Laser Technology and Opto-electronics 14th International Trade Fair and International Congress, Munich 1997

  • Forschungsforum '97, Leipzig 1997

  • Photonics West '98, San Jose, CA, USA 1998

  • Siggraph '99, Los Angeles, CA, USA 1999

  • ILDA Advanced Technologie Workshop, Stuttgart 2000

  • LASER 2001, Innovative and Applied Laser Technology and Opto-electronics, Munich 2001

  • Photonics West '02, San Jose, CA, USA 2002

  • Technik Verbindet - in occasion of Hannover Messe Industrie, Hannover, Germany, 2002

  • Optatec 2002, Frankfurt a. M., Germany 2002

  • Photonics West '03, Santa Clara, CA, USA 2003

  • CeBIT Asia '05, Shanghai, VR China, 2005

  • Virtual Storytelling, Strasbourg, France, 2005

  • CeBIT Hannover '06, Germany, 2006

  • ThyssenKrupp Ideenpark 2006, Hannover

  • VDE Eurokongress, Innovation for Europe, Aachen, 2006

  • Phänomenta, Hamburg, 2007

  • IdeenExpo2007, Hannover, 2007

  • ThyssenKrupp Ideenpark Stuttgart, 2008

Sebastian Reil, Lars Goldberg, Henrik tom Wörden, Alexander Kreft, Hannah Ernst, Stephanie Spreckels, Knut Langhans, Klaas Oltmann, Krischan Oltmann, Hannes Hatecke


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