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Since 2002, there has been a subgroup that deals with creating an application for the FELIX 3D-Display. Our target is to work out a dialog between the static presentation of pictures by the display and the abilities of today?s artifical intelligence. We have the vision of creating a three-dimensional head of a human being, with which one is able to communicate in many different ways: Language should be the most important way of communication, but, in addition, physical language like greeting by waving one`s hand or general movements of one`s body should be considered as well. That means you would be able to go to the display, "wake up" our avatar and "talk" with it a bit. It could be maybe possible to write a program that can recept the steps of the avatar`s communication partner. Furthermore, one could do a chess match against a virtual human being: Each variation that can be thought of could be possible to the level which the technics outside our projet have reached, and are limited by the 24 hours of a day, of course.